Some free trial option PaaS [Diagram]

In the office we are always trying new producs and technologies, but most of the developers like me are tired of having to set up all the web servers and programs in order to run a hello world. Even if we get a EC2 with all kinds of scripts in order to automate the installation, it’s still time we could be coding.

Then we looked at PaaS and I personally had enjoyed the experience, because you don’t have to go through a lot in order to get an app up and running. Now, I only have experience on Nodester, PhpFog and Heroku, but some friends told me that Jelastic is nice too. I know there are other PaaS around (like Engine Yard) but these ones have FTO (Free Trial Option), which allows you to experiment a little bit before commiting to a plan, perfect for bootstraping projects.

Here’s the list of the ones I had found, if you know more, please share!

*Jelastic hasn’t put a pricing yet, so it’s free right now.
** Heroku has a free option with one Web Dyno

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